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About Us

At 365 Hospice, we know every family’s needs are unique. That’s why we have made it our mission to customize hospice care for your family. We help ensure patients – and their families – are empowered to have every opportunity for peace and comfort as this life’s journey transitions into the next.

From our first meeting with you, you will know we are committed to providing compassionate end-of-life services customized to your family’s needs.

We will be there for you the same day you contact us and our interdisciplinary team of hospice professionals will be there for you with personalized attention 24-hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week, 365-days-a-year.

365 Hospice serves families in many Pennsylvania communities, including Pittsburgh and Western Pennsylvania, Altoona, State College, and the Harrisburg region.

 Our Professional, Interdisciplinary Care Team

We conduct a rigorous interview, screening, and training process for all facets of 365 Hospice’s comprehensive and professional care and clinical team. We want you to have the best, so we are here for you each and every day for as long as you need us to support your family needs. We are focused on helping patients stay where they want to be – at home.

Our Customized Care Team includes:

Our professional, interdisciplinary team of physicians and hospice medical directors customize the care associated with pain management, medications, and comfort according to the needs of the patient – creating an individualized, specific plan. This interdisciplinary team develops and manages the patient’s care plan with the other members of the 365 Hospice care team, including:

  • Palliative Care Certified Nurse Practitioners who are part of the 365 Hospice care team, and help to create and deliver the customized care plan for your family member
  • Registered Nurses (RNs) – trained clinicians dedicated to delivering compassionate care with complete health assessments, as well as symptom and pain management. They coordinate with the overall 365 Hospice team on the care plan and provide hands-on care, support and education about what the patient, and family, can expect. They are also instrumental in helping to maintain the comfort of your family member and work alongside you to ensure the patient is getting the highest possible care.
  • Social Workers are there to provide the emotional support so many families need. They are focused on helping you solve problems, work through any insurance and related financial issues, as well as help you plan ahead. Sometimes you just need a shoulder or someone to listen. That’s when you can depend on our social work team the most – for the support you need to take one day at a time.
  • 365 Hospice chaplains provide spiritual support and can coordinate with family’s clergy when needed, providing another blanket of comfort and reassurance for your family member, and you.
  • 365 Hospice Volunteers are some of our most dedicated friends – with unique understanding about hospice care, and what terminal care means – helping family members care for the loved one, and addressing grief and loss.

Talk to us for a free evaluation We’re ready to start serving and supporting you and your loved ones today. Please contact us for more information.