Your Universal Hospice Rights

//Your Universal Hospice Rights

Your Universal Hospice Rights

365Hospice is committed to providing the customized, end-of-life care you and your family needs if you’re dealing with a terminal illness. To ensure the absolute comprehensive level of customized care, it’s important families understand their universal rights when it comes to considering and selecting hospice.

According to Don Martin, Director, Business Development, 365Hospice, the company’s care team provides the critical counseling and education patients and families want to help them make the best decision for end-of-life care.

Patients and families have important rights for ensuring they or their loved one receive the attention they deserve, among them are:

  • Hospice patients and families have the right to be involved in ALL decisions regarding their care, treatment and services, including effective pain and symptom management, care plan development, refusal of care or treatment, and choice of medical personnel;
  • Patients have a right to ask as many questions as they want as many times as they want whenever they want;
  • Every patient (or family) has the right to know and understand where their pain level is;
  • Every patient has the right to know what the next step is relative to care or transitioning to end-of-life;
  • Patients and families have a right to expect the correct medical equipment to be in place where and when the patient needs it to be to provide reassurance and comfort;
  • Families have the right to tap the unique and caring touch of social workers to help with decisions or to just have a shoulder to lean on. (At 365Hospice, we believe families should not have to work harder when end-of-life is near, but rather have the support teams around them to help and provide relief and understanding.);
  • Families have a right to respite care, which enables the patient to be briefly transferred to a skilled nursing facility – allowing the family an opportunity to rest or take care of other life issues;
  • Patients and families have a right to understand the costs associated with their care, including information about services and limitations of hospice service, including what is covered under traditional medical insurance, Medicaid or hospice (typically items, such as those not related to the terminal illness, including vitamins and funeral costs, are not considered hospice expenses);
  • Patients have a right to harness the benefits of a 365Hospice Interdisciplinary Care Team (ITD). The ITD team meets regularly to assess patients during the end-of-life transition, including constant monitoring and archival of decisions to provide a seamless, 24/7 level of customized care;
  • Patients and families have a right to have 24/7 access to 365Hospice, whereby questions can be asked, complaints shared and addressed, or decisions made. The Rapid Response Team at 365Hospice can connect with families immediately to ensure the patient’s customized care plan is providing the comfort and necessary.

For more information about hospice, call 365Hospice at 844-365-4677 or visit or the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization at

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